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As we continue to shelter in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have stocked up on main essentials like toilet paper, canned goods, hand-sanitizer and….booze? According to a recent study by Neilsen, the United States sales of alcoholic beverages steadily rose by 55 percent in the third week of March, wine sales increased by 66 percent, while online sales of alcohol exceeded in-store sales and were up 243 percent. 

Andover Classic Wines

Andrea Comeau of Andover Classic Wines says customers are stocking up on everything from craft beers to new bourbons to whiskeys to all kinds of wines. Wine manager Andrea Lewis agrees, “Our business has changed overnight and wine is flying off the shelves. The shop has had countless curbside pick-ups—you can order online or by phone, pull up to the front door, call the store to let them know you have arrived, pop your trunk, and they’ll bring your liquor out to you. Andover Classic Wines also delivers to surrounding towns with a minimum order of $100 plus a $10 delivery charge.

The staff is constantly wiping down countertops, shopping baskets, carts, and door handles throughout the day. And they are also deep cleaning the shop at the end of every day. Ceiling fans are constantly on to keep the space well ventilated. “We will also have FDA-approved hand sanitizer from Fabrizia Spirits for sale,” says Comeau. “Twenty percent of proceeds from the sale of the hand sanitizer will be donated to first responders, hospitals, and local government agencies.”
For hours or to shop online, visit Andover Classic Wines.

Savour Wine & Cheese

Savour Wine & Cheese in Gloucester offers a free delivery program for orders of $50 or more to all Cape Ann communities. Their safety measures go as far as asking shoppers to wash their hands for 20 seconds in their washroom. “After each use, the wash basin is disinfected,” says owner Kathleen Morgan. She shares that customers request jazzy, lively, crisp, and aromatic white wines at the moment. “Chenin Blanc, Vouvray, and Sancerre are popular with customers,” she say. “As for reds, Oregon Pinot Noirs and California red blends (Grenache and Syrah) are also top selections.” Morgan says Rosé wines are coming into season and will become more popular as the weather warms up.
For hours or to shop online, visit Savour Wine & Cheese.

Lighthouse Wines & Spirits

Lighthouse Wines & Spirits in Beverly also offers curbside pick up and local delivery options. Teresa O’Riordan of Lighthouse Wines & Spirits says reds are still popular right now during the cold temperatures. Some of the shop’s featured wines include a The Prisoner, a California red blend with notes of dark chocolate and cherry, and 14 Hands’ Hot to Trot, a Washington State blend with flavors of plum and ripe berries. The shop is also following strict sanitizing guidelines while welcoming customers. For hours or to shop online, visit Lighthouse Wines & Spirits.