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Offering prepared foods to time-pinched professionals and families, Andover’s DiSH has found its niche. 

Walk into DiSH and your senses are overloaded with sights, smells, and anticipated tastes of the delicious foods being prepared. “People see the kitchen, see the food being made, going from our kitchen to theirs,” says Lea Savely, co-owner of the gourmet prepared meals company. This assurance of quality, coupled with the stellar service from DiSH’s employees, has made the business a staple on the North Shore since it opened in 2005.

The idea of selling prepared gourmet meals was born seven years ago. “[I was] around a lot of young moms,” Savely explains, “[and] most weren’t thinking at 8 a.m. about dinner,” so when the evening rolled around, those busy moms found themselves at a loss. “The concept brings back the idea of having dinner with your family,” she says.

The business began with only entrees and wines, then expanded to include appetizers, desserts, and breads, making DiSH a true one-stop shop. Originally catering to young families, Savely and co-owner Stacey Quinn agree that they no longer have a narrow demographic; young mothers, single men, and the elderly all stop into the Andover store, receive food deliveries (DiSH will deliver almost anywhere in a 45-mile radius), or send meals to friends as gifts.

The catering menu tends to be flexible, but DiSH also has a set menu that changes every month. According to the owners, mixing things up ensures customers won’t get bored with their choices, allows for ingredient turnover, and makes for little food waste. Regardless of any alterations, favorites like chicken parm or pot roast can be found on the menu up to six months a year.

DiSH is also active in the community, conducting fundraisers for local clubs and organizations that tally between $5,000 and $7,000 in yearly donations. The women hope to open a second retail space soon, which would be stocked by their kitchen in Andover.