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Photo courtesy of Salt & Grove.


Real talk: I’ve unsuccessfully parented many a house plant. And if I’m being honest, I know I’m not alone. These unfortunate deaths were not intentional, which only made each demise more crushing. But there’s a whisper of spring in the air here on the North Shore and that is all the motivation many of us need to start looking ahead to spring, and there’s no better way to do that than to bring new plants in our spaces.

You’ve likely both noticed and admired the trend of plants being used as décor. From home design shows to the depths of social media, you’d have to really search to find a modern day interior designer who isn’t incorporating some kind of plant life into their designs. Plants are so popular that fake plants are also experiencing a surge in popularity. But the real thing is what we’re after, and not just because our plant parenting egos demand it, but because many plants have tangible benefits, including for personal health and wellness.

Located in downtown Newburyport, Salt & Grove is a shared creative studio, owned by Katie Rocheford of Sweet Annie Floral Design and Sarah Landry of Sarah Jayne Photography. Salt & Grove is also a shop that curates a collection of local, small batch gifts influenced by both the east and west coasts and features the kind of well-cared for “plants as décor” vibe that many people want in their own homes. We know what we want, but we need a way to get there. So here are five tips that all aspiring plant parents need to read.

Plant Parenting 101:

  • Evaluate your lifestyle. Are you typically home or do you travel? Will you be diligent about watering or would a plant requiring less maintenance be beneficial? Being upfront about the kind of “plant parent” you are likely to be is an important first step. 
  • Select the right plant for your space. Does the space you’re envisioning get a lot of sunlight, a moderate amount, or very little? Is it warm or excessively cold? Are there temperature swings throughout the day?
  • Reimagine plants as décor. Whatever selection you choose, make the plant a part of your overall décor. This might mean taking removing something existing in your space to make room. Don’t add a plant to an already cluttered or unorganized space. Make the plant work for you! “A plant, a basket, and a cute area rug or a bench are a great way to decorate a nook,” says Rocheford.
  • Understand the spectrum of plant parenting. On the “easier to care for” end are cactisucculentsaloe plants, and snake plants, to name a few. All of these are hugely on trend and should provide the confidence boost any beginner plant parent needs before moving on to those that require more care. I’m looking at you, fiddle leaf fig.
  • Planter, please! Select the appropriate size base for your plant (keeping in mind the plant could grow significantly over time). Look for ways to express your style by “utilizing artfully made baskets, planters, or pots, like these beauties from Dieheart Boutique in Salem” says Landry.

Ready to take this plant party to the next level? Stop by the “plant bar” at Salt & Grove this Saturday, March 16, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., where you’ll find a curated mix of trendy houseplants (and a bunch of those cute planters from Dieheart, too!) From succulents and cacti to the snake plant, you are sure to find the perfect plant and a team ready to help set you and your plant up for a long and happy life together.