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What are the top three things you tell your clients to do to stick to New Year’s resolutions? First, I always tell my clients not to look at resolutions from the big picture. You can’t just say “my resolution is that I’m going to lose 15 pounds.” Instead, set small goals that will help you reach the big goal. For example, break down your goals for the bigger goal. 

1) I will decrease added sugar by 50 percent on week one. An example would be cutting sugar in your coffee by half.

2) I will be active at least 20 minutes a day. An example might be doing some squats, planks, and stretches in front of the TV, or it might be actually hitting the gym.

3) I will add in more vegetables to my diet. Instead of having a wrap with chicken salad for lunch, I’ll have a salad with chicken salad on top.

4) I will add more water to my day. I will start the day with 8 ounces when I wake up and then set a timer to go off every hour to ensure I am remembering to drink more water.

Second, I tell my clients to treat their resolutions as a solution to what is making them unhappy. If you don’t truly care about the goal, then you won’t stick to it. So be honest with yourself and ask, why is this resolution important to me? You need to know your “why” around the goal and then relate an emotion to it. How do you feel now about the situation you’re in? What would it look like to accomplish this goal, and how will you feel after you accomplish it? 

Last, write a contract with yourself around your resolution/goal. Write down exactly what you want and how you plan to get there by breaking it down as stated above. Then create a reward if you are able to complete the goal by said date. This reward could be a spa day, a trip, a retreat, taking a class you’ve wanted to, etc., whatever vibes with you. But don’t make it something like you’ll earn a cheesecake if you reach your goal of losing weight. It should be something that will always continue you in the direction you are going!

What are the biggest challenges that clients face when trying to reach their goals? The biggest challenge I think people face is that they don’t truly attach their emotion and desire to their goals. They don’t sit in the feeling of why the goal is important to them; therefore they make excuses to not reach them. 

How do you approach healthy eating? I live by the rule “If it’s whole, it’s yours,” meaning if it’s not been processed then it’s a healthy choice as it’s in its whole form. This is lean meats/proteins, veggies and fruits, and good carbs like sweet potato, beans, and even regular potatoes. I always encourage my clients to use fresh herbs and spices, and find fun recipes that won’t have them bored. 

How do you stay motivated even when you don’t feel like working out? I approach life with enthusiasm. In doing so, I feel grateful for the ability to move my body and treat it with care. There’s absolutely times when I don’t want to work out, but I always remember how I’ll feel after, the good vibes and creative flow that comes to me when I’m in motion, and it makes me instantly excited to have “me time.” I don’t look at working out as a chore; it’s a way to meditate, actually, and I think if people looked at it that way, they may find themselves much happier and healthier! Oh, and a good playlist absolutely helps amp me up!

What is your New Year’s resolution? My resolution this year is to start my podcast, which I’ve dreamed of doing for a few years now. The Conquer YOUR Life podcast will be live this spring. Stay tuned! 

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