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CrisWell Medical Spa founder and owner, Cristin Mercer, is serious about skin.

As a seasoned aesthetic pioneer with over 32 years of industry experience, Cristin prizes balance, transparency and integrity, not only in skin care, but also in life. These values recently inspired her to forge her own path, creating CrisWell Medical Spa, a results-driven aesthetic center dedicated to education, wellness, and providing personally tailored care for the skin and body.

Last week CrisWell celebrated their grand opening in Woburn and Northshore magazine was there with a behind the scenes look at this state-of-the-art Med Spa facility here on the North Shore.  

Cristin has worn many hats in the aesthetic industry—from hands-on practitioner, spa director, and salon owner to esteemed clinical educator. If you have ever had a facial, it is highly probable that your aesthetician received training based on educational materials originally developed by Cristin Mercer. That’s how deep Cristin’s roots in skin care go! 

A purveyor of skin care research, Cristin understands the science behind results and values a no-nonsense approach to skin care. She draws from decades of industry knowledge and clinical studies to deliver real results you can trust and build upon for long-term skin health. Her vast experience has solidified her commitment to prescribing what’s truly right for each patient over what’s fastest or most profitable. At CrisWell Medical Spa, you won’t find shortcuts or gimmicks—just expert, results-driven care tailored to your exact needs. Smelling oils and incense may be nice for a spa visit, but they don’t stimulate new collagen growth.

Driven by Cristin’s unwavering commitment to service and results, the CrisWell team pledges to prescribe meticulously tailored solutions for enhancing your natural beauty. Each client’s treatment regimen will be designed based on their individual needs, budget, and desired downtime. Ultimately, you will find balance, transparency and integrity are at the heart of every service prescribed at CrisWell. These core values embody the extraordinary care today’s educated and aesthetically inclined client deserves, and CrisWell strives to deliver.

7 Alfred St. Suite 300 B
Woburn, MA 01801