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If you’ve ever longed to be blonde (or blonder) it likely occurred during the summertime, when rising temperatures and bronzed skin nudge us toward a change for the brighter. While the phrase “bottle blonde” was coined for a reason, thanks to today’s hair techniques you can go blonde in a shade and tone that’s customized for you.

At Interlocks Salon + Spa in Newburyport, blonde guru (unofficial title) and senior stylist and colorist (official title) Christine Robinson understands blonde hair. If you sit down in her chair with a photo of blonde hair you’d like to emulate but it doesn’t match your complexion or eye color, Christine will likely steer you towards a shade that makes sense, all while explaining why the tone she recommends will work best on you. She’ll also ask about your level of commitment, because being blonde can be serious or more of an uncommitted relationship depending on the color and method of application.

“Not everyone has to be a Marilyn Monroe or double process blonde” and when done correctly, “warmer tones rather than ashy white” are flattering on a range of skin types, says Robinson. This also applies to brunettes, many of whom opt to add golden pieces using the balayage technique.

“Think of balayage as hair painting with your hairdresser as the artist,” explains Robinson. This procedure lays color on top of hair and leaves no line of demarcation, so you can realistically schedule an appointment at the start of the season and let the sun do the rest. Robinson often suggests a mini-foil for an extra splash of face framing color (yes, please!).


Courtesy of Interlocks Salon + Spa


If you’re already a blonde or brunette sporting the highly popular ombre look, layering in balayage is a way to introduce new blonde pieces. Existing blondes might consider cool tones or more golden hues. For ombre brunettes, the addition of caramels and beiges lends a lot of warmth. Red heads can also go lighter with golden highlights, the proper shade can be a stunning complement to the dimensions found in both red and strawberry blonde hair.

Regardless of your blonde commitment status, you should take extra care of your hair in the summer, when it tends to become especially dry. Robinson is a fan of Oribe’s Bright Blonde shampoo and conditioner and also recommends deep conditioning treatments such as Oribe’s signature moisture masque. “Your hair is like a sponge,” says Robinson, and will soak up whatever it is exposed to, be it chlorine from the pool or salt water. She recommends clients wet hair prior to swimming, so it is already saturated with water and less prone to absorbing chlorine (which is often the culprit if you’ve ever seen a blonde with hair that looks unintentionally green). Another optional treatment to receive at your salon appointment is a toner, which, as the name implies, tones color and infuses treated blonde hair with shine and softness. When it comes time to style, blonde hair looks great swept up in a quick braid or set in loose beach waves, both easy-to-achieve looks that are synonymous with summer.


Courtesy of Oribe


Do (all degrees) of blondes have more fun? It’s time you found out for yourself.