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There’s just something about visiting the hair salon, spending an hour or two with a stylist, and walking out feeling brand-new. Whether your visit is for a simple hair trim or a completely new cut and color, a good hairstyle rarely fails to deliver a confidence boost in the form of silky, enviable tresses. 

Spring often brings a desire for a fresh start, and from local trends to style icons making waves across the pond, there’s no shortage of places to draw inspiration from for a spring hair makeover. 


Jamie Ciampa at Philip Ciampa Salon & Day Spa in Andover

Photo by Adrien Bisson 


The “baby bangs” craze has become quite popular thanks to several celebrities, but is this a look that can translate to everyday life? Stylist Jamie Ciampa at Philip Ciampa Salon & Day Spa in Andover agrees that this look is trending, especially among younger women “in urban college areas,” including Boston. She cautions that if you’re loving this look, be sure to consider more than just geography, because “being able to pull this off depends on individual face shape.”


Christopher Kishfy owner and lead stylist at Salon Invi in Andover

Photo by Adrien Bisson


Sherise Campbell, senior stylist and colorist at INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa in Newburyport, says that “bangs are definitely in” and are a way to achieve a put-together look on the go because “they look great with a ponytail or messy bun.” Bangs can make a nice addition to a long face shape, because they “create a width line that makes a long face appeal fuller.” For round faces, Campbell recommends a side-swept bang, which has a slimming effect, and for square and heart-shaped faces the most flattering bang style is usually longer on both sides and shorter in the middle. And don’t forget that forehead length is another critical factor when deciding if bangs are for you.


Sherise Campbell, senior stylist and colorist at INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa in Newburyport


Fashion and style icons such as Meghan Markle are having a big impact on hair this season. Christopher Kishfy, owner and lead stylist at Salon Invi in Andover, credits the “organic, undone yet still put-together style” of Markle and other celebrities with much of what we are seeing, including more relaxed updos and braids that are “incorporated into a look, but are not the whole look.” 



Sofia Boutella rocks baby bangs


And now on to the topic of scrunchies: Are they really back? The answer is yes, your favorite hair accessory is back, “at least for the moment,” says Ciampa. Kishfy echoes this, and attributes the scrunchie comeback in part to the fact that “people are more aware of the integrity of their hair nowadays” and scrunchies are more conducive to hair care than a traditional hair elastic. 


Salon Invi’s Christopher Kishfy comments that Meghan Markle (below) influence

looks like an “organic, undone yet still put-together style”

Photo by Adrien Bisson


The hair painting trend (also known as balayage) is still going strong and is something many stylists expect to see continue. Ombre color also remains popular, but balayage is what allows for the “more natural look with gradual lightening” that many people crave, says Ciampa. “Hair is a form of fashion, which includes bringing back old styles,” says Kishfy, who adds that “many millennials haven’t seen these techniques before, so although balayage has been done in previous decades,” there is new excitement surrounding it.  


Photo by Paul Marriott/Alamy Stock photo


No one style will work for everyone, but go-to looks include “lob and crop cuts,” says Campbell. The lob “is a long bob that is slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front.” It’s a very flattering cut and allows for variations to suit individual face shapes and hair types; layers will help create movement and volume, while a one-length cut will give the illusion of thicker hair.

The crop is cut “just below the collarbone and is a one-length cut. It’s easy and looks great with waves, which are still very popular. This is also a style that has enough length to be pulled up or back as we head into the warmer months,” explains Campbell. 


Sherise Campbell of INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa proposes color extensions as a way to

experiment with color trends. 


Some of the more vibrant colors of the rainbow are sticking around, but rather than the neon pinks and blues we have seen in recent years, softer pastel shades are in. These colors do tend to fade rather quickly, so “be prepared to see your stylist every few weeks to refresh the color,” recommends Campbell. She also often proposes color extensions as a way to experiment with color trends without the commitment. 


Jamie Ciampa of Philip Ciampa Salon & Day Spa says that accessories like

scrunchies are making a comeback. 


Don’t underestimate the importance of quality products and tools to maintain your hair, either. From color-specific shampoos and conditioning treatments to dry shampoos, irons, and more, a well-made product will only serve to make your hair that much more healthy and manageable.   

With so many options and great stylists all around us, finding a hairstyle that complements and mirrors your own personal style has never been easier.