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The 2023 winners of the Best of the North Shore have been announced today. Congratulate all the BONS winners!

This year we had more votes cast than ever before—over 158,000! BONS is split across six categories—DINE, DRINK, RENEW, PLAY, SHOP, and LIVE—and each category has several subcategories to choose from.

BONS is a competition for the best ice cream, burger, boutique, salon, hotel, jewelry shop, beach, park, museum, and much more.

Many local businesses got in the spirit of the competition and we saw many promoting their nominations. For instance, when I visited the Robert Jason Salon, the owner had posted the QR code in front of every chair to encourage his clients to vote. And Seaport Grille now has on their menu that they have BONS Award-Winning clams. Check out if these moves helped them achieve BONS status this year!

Don’t miss the BONS event August 17, 2023, at the Tupper Manor Estate to celebrate BONS! It’s been a few years since the magazine has been able to host this spectacular event.