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Editors’ Choice 

The Cheese Shop of Salem, Salem 

Standout Qualities: The place to visit for artisanal, organic, local, and international cheeses, with a focus on smallfarm and quality production.

What’s Unique: The shop prides itself on the utmost customer service, catering to foodies and non-foodies alike! 

What’s New: A wide selection of new cheeses and several creameries of note! 

• Wolf Meadow Farm in Amesbury—Luca’s Stracciatella and mozzarella are to die for! 

• Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, Vermont—their Harbison, Oma, and Alpha Tolman (which the shop uses in their Saturday afternoon “Epic Grilled Cheeses”) are staples in their cheese case.

• Bleu de Termignon from Savoie, France, is an ultra-rare raw cow’s milk cheese that pairs great with French white wine from the Jura or Savoie.

• Tulip Tree Farm, Indiana—home of the best stinky and buttery soft cheeses, which these cheesemongers adore.

45 Lafayette St., Salem, 978-498-4820,


Readers’ Choice

The Cheese Shop of Salem, Salem