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A growing number of local hospitals and healthcare providers are turning to mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) to help identify, monitor, and slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. SmartCare, an MIH resource associated with Cataldo Ambulance in Somerville, has been identified as a critical healthcare partner, available to support a system that is quickly becoming overwhelmed with patients fearing they have the symptoms of the virus.

Cataldo Ambulance Service and Atlantic Ambulance Service, a division of Cataldo Ambulance Service, currently provides 911 responses for 24 municipalities, hospitals, and numerous private contracts from 23 base locations throughout Massachusetts, covering Greater Boston and the North Shore. They are also a leading private provider of Emergency Medical Transportation in the Commonwealth.

In order to manage the increasing volume of calls coming in, healthcare providers and physicians are reaching out to SmartCare Paramedics who are able to bring care to the patient directly. Using the SmartCare resource, all necessary testing and follow up instructions can be safely provided without exposing a patient to others in a hospital or urgent care setting. Should a patient need immediate physician care, the SmartCare paramedic can communicate directly with the physician via telehealth, and if necessary, coordinate emergency transport.

SmartCare Paramedics are mobile and able to see many patients over the course of the day. Often, a home visit, especially if it is for testing specifically, will take much less time than the same type of visit to a hospital or urgent care setting.

SmartCare is currently providing assessment and testing and remains positioned to monitor and support positive test cases not requiring hospitalization.

The organization has continually distinguished itself as a leader in EMS, providing routine and emergency medical transportation services, offering clinical education, and introducing the first mobile integrated health service line in Massachusetts. As the needs of the community and patients change, Cataldo continues to develop innovative programs designed to ensure the highest level of care is available throughout its service areas.

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