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Editors’ Choice 

Eureka Toys, Newburyport

Standout Qualities: A focus on high-quality toys that stimulate all of the senses. The shop is full of items any parent would feel good about giving to their own children for hours of learning and fun.

What’s Unique: A focus on made-in-America toys and a constant search for new and different items.

Fun Fact: Looking for a throwback toy from your youth? The store stocks many retro brands and toys that are sure to bring back fond memories.

50 Water St., The Tannery Marketplace, 978-465-9359,


Readers’ Choice

The Dragon’s Nest, Newburyport

Standout Qualities: A picture-perfect toy shop in downtown Newburyport, where the front door swings open all day long with the comings and goings of local children.

Philosophy: To supply toys that enrich children at any age.

What’s Unique: Birthday-party-emergency? A team of toyologists stands at the ready.

Insider Tip: Owner Sally Owen loves to focus on brands with a mission, from Tegu toys that originate in Honduras to Plan Toys from Thailand.

In the Works: Online sales are coming soon!

31 Market Square, Newburyport, 978-462-8802,