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For months now the pop-up cookie shop Goodnight Fatty has been providing the people of Salem with sweet treats to satisfy their late-night cravings. Co-founders Erik Sayce and Jennifer Pullen popped-up their bakery in coffee shops and breweries around the Salem area on Friday and Saturday nights from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. to serve their “Fatties”—what they call their thick-style cookies. The couple focus on making their cookies in small batches and only with ethical quality ingredients. Each week brings new cookie flavors, including many crowd favorites such as the Oreo Pudding Fatty, the Cowgirl Fatty, and the Birthday Cake Fatty.

However, the duo is now planning on expanding their business and have rented a permanent location in the heart of Salem, where they will prep and cook their dough on-site. “We’ll be keeping the same retail location in downtown Salem,” Sayce explains, “and the kitchen will serve as a manufacturing facility for our dough—we’re calling it the Fatty Factory.” Goodnight Fatty will continue to pop-up all around the Salem area, and having a permanent kitchen location ensures the people of Salem that their favorite late-night cookie suppliers are not going anywhere anytime soon.


Photo by Katie Noble


With this new development breaking ground for Sayce and Pullen, the growing opportunities for Goodnight Fatty are very exciting. “What this means for our customers is that we’ll be able to finally make enough dough to truly keep up with demand, and, perhaps more exciting, we’ll be able to start offering home delivery here in Salem,” Sayce explains. Additionally, Goodnight Fatty also looks forward to doing more pop-ups in the towns neighboring Salem, hiring a larger staff, offering cookie catering for parties and weddings, and working on some “new top-secret plans.”

Many big things are in the works for Goodnight Fatty, with the construction of the Fatty Factory being the beginning of it all. Sayce and Pullen are stepping up to the high demand for their one-of-a-kind cookies and are planning to provide for their loyal customers for a long time to come. According to Sayce, “In essence, the Fatty Factory has been the missing piece for us to go from good to great. With a kitchen of our own, we’ll really not have much holding us back.”