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This summer the town of Gloucester got a bit sweeter with the addition of a brand-new business on Middle Street, Sandpiper Bakery. This small brick and mortar bakery is open Wednesday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. for everyone to enjoy.

The owner, Susanne Clermont, has been baking for 14 years and means to devote her time to her passion in the great town of Gloucester. In her many years of baking, Clermont has traveled all over, baking in places like Maine, Texas, and even Italy! She eventually made her way to Boston where she baked at a variety of different places, not the least of which is the Canto 6 Bakery in Jamaica Plain. Canto 6 Bakery was the 2015 winner of Boston magazine’s Best Pastry Award. Clermont opened this wonderful place in Gloucester because she wanted to open up a special kind of place where people can come relax and meet others as well as to “highlight the local farms and produce.”

Drawing influence from English, French, and American baking as well as using traditional styles of creating pastries, Sandpiper Bakery plans to give customers the best menu options for every season. To ensure the best possible taste for anyone that walks into the bakery, the bakers at Sandpiper work closely with local farms and other purveyors. Their menu has a wide selection of goodies, from pies and cakes to smaller treats like cookies and shortbread, with updates to their menu you can see on their instagram page (

This small business has only been open for three short months and has already made a positive impact in Gloucester. Looking at the online reviews and ratings for this place it’s hard not to just want to get a small taste of what this bakery has to offer. One customer in a Facebook review claims that, “This bakery is a wonderful addition to our downtown,” and another says the croissants are, “…as good as in Paris!” People are absolutely amazed with this new bakery and we highly suggest getting yourself down to 65 Middle Street for a nice Wild Maine Blueberry pie.