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Why bees:

“I’ve always worked with nature. It makes you more in tune with your surroundings.”

About the business:

“It’s a family operation, with my mom, my dad, and me. My parents have been doing it for over 30 years. We are breaking in my seven-year-old daughter; she’s been playing with bees for years. We probably have between 100 and 150 hives and belong to nearly a dozen clubs.”

The most common misconception about bees:

“Everything that flies and stings is a bee.”

Advice for someone who wants to work with bees:

“Start slow, get as much education as you can. Don’t rely on the Internet; it could be someone with less education than you just making things up.”

Little known fact about bees:

“People immediately think that if a sting swells, they’re allergic. A lot of the time, it’s nothing; it will go away the next day.”

Beekeeping and traveling:

“We belong to one international club that meets every two years. We went to the jungles of Panama and Costa Rica on a beekeeping tour. We’ve been to Ukraine and Australia; we traveled for 17 days through South Africa just playing with the bees. There is always something new to learn.”