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For so many of us, the holidays pass in a whirlwind of shopping, baking, events, and last-minute errands. Things move so fast that it can be easy to let looking our best fall to the bottom of our to-do lists (or not even make it onto the list at all). 

But with so many parties, catching up with family and friends, and photo-ops that the season brings, looking Instagram-ready during the holidays is more important than ever. That’s why so many people turn to Suite Six Medical Aesthetics in Newburyport and Boston to get extra gorgeous this time of year. 

“They want their skin glowing and fresh,” says Suite Six Medical Aesthetics owner and creative director Gabriela Varoudakis. From anti-aging and corrective skin treatments to body contouring, here are eight ways that Suite Six Medical Aesthetics can put looking your best on your holiday to-do list. 

1. Get glowing with a HydraFacial: The gentle and rejuvenating HydraFacial takes all the impurities out of the skin without any downtime, making them perfect for party prep, even on the day of your special event. “The HydraFacial is a great treatment for any event,” Varoudakis says. “It gets your skin glowing.” It plumps and purifies the skin and can also help with acne and rosacea. 

2. Remove unwanted hair with laser hair removal: Tackle those unwanted chin hairs, perfectly shape your eyebrows, and more with pain-free and permanent laser hair removal any time before your holiday parties and events. 

3. Wake up your eyes with eyelash extensions and microblading: Make sleepy-looking eyes a thing of the past with eyelash extensions and tinting. You can also ditch the eyebrow pencil thanks to microblading, which applies a semi-permanent pigment for fuller brows and should be done about a week before your special event. 

4. Smooth fine lines and wrinkles with dermal fillers and injectables: “Nobody wants to have lines in their pictures,” Varoudakis says. That’s why patients love Suite Six Medical Aesthetics’ dermal filler and injectable products, like Botox Cosmetics, which are each designed for a specific cosmetic concern. You’ll get quick treatment and immediate results with little or no downtime. Opt for fillers about a week before your holiday bash. 

5. Beat holiday hangovers with IV Vitamin Therapy: If you partied a little too hard last night, don’t fret. Instead head to Suite Six Medical Aesthetics’ comfy IV Drip Lounge for one of its IV Vitamin Therapies. The hangover cure contains anti-nausea medication, vitamins, and minerals for an instant remedy. “I call it The Grand Rescue,” Varoudakis says. “After the party, you come in for the cure.” 

6. Tighten and tone with CoolSculpting: Don’t settle for bulges in your holiday formalwear. Instead, try CoolSculpting, a non-invasive, fat reduction treatment that works safely, painlessly, and effectively in as little as 35 minutes and with zero downtime. 

7. Get your skin makeup-ready with dermaplaning: “If your skin isn’t properly exfoliated and you don’t slough off the dead skin cells, your makeup won’t go on smoothly,” Varoudakis says. That’s why dermaplaning is a great option. It uses a scalpel to gently scrape off dead skin cells and fine facial hair to smooth and brighten the skin with no downtime. It can even increase the efficacy of other skin care treatments. 

8. Stay glam on the go with SkinCeuticals: Can’t squeeze in a visit to Suite Six Medical Aesthetics before the holiday rush? They’ve got you covered with SkinCeuticals, a medical grade skincare line designed to prevent, protect, and correct signs of aging. Turn to their “Glow Kits” to prep your skin or help maintain in-office treatments. “It’s amazing,” Varoudakis says.

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