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In just the last 12 years, Ski Haus|NOTB|Patio Place has expanded from one 14,000 square-foot store in Salem, New Hampshire to new ski and patio shops in Burlington and Framingham, Massachusetts.

The key to this successful growth has been the Pilla family’s business ethics and management style, which trickled its way down the family tree, ultimately launching the company into a favorite small business among local and regional outdoor lovers.

What’s the trick? Know what you’re talking about: Be friendly and advisory, and always listen closely to the customer.

Since the business launched in 1965, the Ski Haus’ family-friendly culture has embedded itself in the staff from the owners to the sales floor to the delivery team. They firmly believe that when employees are satisfied, the customer experience is more genuine, positive and professional. By making employees and customers top priorities, Ski Haus has built an established (and growing) following of their own.

In fact, many of their customers have been going to Ski Haus for their skiing and snowboarding needs ever since they started the sport. Now they are riding on advanced gear and bringing their own kids (and grandkids) in for new equipment fittings and winter apparel.

In the early 2000s, the Pillas decided it was time to branch out with a summer offering, keeping their dedicated staff employed and the stores open year round. So, in 2001, they opened Patio Place at Ski Haus, where every year they transition from snow season to outdoor furniture within a matter of days. The summer transition typically occurs in April and reverses itself in September, kicking off the new winter season with Jr. Leases.

The Jr. Leasing and Jr. Trade-in Programs are both high-value, lower-cost options for parents whose kids are growing or just learning to ski or snowboard.

All adult and kid’s fittings are handled by knowledgeable sales reps and technicians, ensuring skis, boards, boots and bindings meet the rider’s frame and skill set.

For those who prefer to lean into snowboarding and skateboarding, Ski Haus also owns and operates NOTB: North of the Boarder. NOTB meets Ski Haus and Patio Place in the middle of the seasons (and in their logo) and has been highly successful building summer and winter clientele from around the area.

NOTB has its very own section of each store managed by snowboarders and skateboarders who love to talk the sport, answer questions, and offer advice.

You can also outfit the whole family from toddlers to adults in unique, quality winter apparel, from outerwear, inner wear, headwear, and eyewear down to footwear, including heated products. The latest styles are personally shopped to stay ahead of the curve in trends, technology and comfort. Expect all the high-quality brands, plus new, up-and-coming brands curated for a breadth of customer tastes and styles.

The seasons collide with fire pits for the fall, camping stoves and heated chairs for the winter, massage products for every type of workout, and Bluetooth items ranging from heated vests to patio umbrella speakers.

No matter what your sport is – skiing, snowboarding, or backyard BBQs – shopping a store with owners and staff who actually live and work in the industry is much more gratifying.

All Ski Haus staff is trained internally as well as by manufacturers, making them well-versed in all the details and specialties associated with every product. Even better, they own or are very familiar with all the products they sell. You’ll walk away with more knowledge, along with a better grip on your purchase, delivery, and options.

The Ski Haus commitment to its customers extends to protecting the world in which we live and raise children, from selling organic and recycled winter clothing to eco-friendly patio furniture. Online shipping also utilizes recycled boxes and stuffing.

Want to save even more than the planet? Earn In-Haus Cash on in-store purchases for seasonal credit. Online you can find current sales (plus free store events and lift passes) that save you time and money on in-stock items that don’t disappoint.

Ski Haus|NOTB|Patio Place encourages you to shop small businesses and looks forward to serving you and your family. Visit Salem, NH (tax-free), Framingham and Burlington, MA.

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