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Celebrity stylist and dry-cutting pioneer Mike Karg brings his sought-after touch to Newburyport. 

According to celebrity hair stylist Mike Karg, fabulous, head-turning hair doesn’t come from genetics, necessarily, or even the styling products that probably line your bathroom shelf. It comes instead with a great haircut—one that’s cut dry, in particular, but we’ll get to that—and a well-educated stylist who understands the techniques needed to deliver the “oohs” and “ahs” that every client hopes to sigh when it’s time to spin back toward the mirror.

So it’s no surprise that Karg, an industry veteran with almost 30 years’ experience under his belt, connected in 2010 with Interlocks, a salon known for its dedication to the continued education of its staff—a relationship that’s since continued and prospered under the guidance of Interlocks’s owner and creative director, Ginny Eramo.

“I had this program called RENT-A-KARG, where salons around the country could ‘rent’ me to educate their staff on dry cutting,” says Karg. “My first training with Interlocks was a hit. Everyone was thrilled; people kept talking about it; and when Ginny asked if I wanted to continue working with her, I said yes.” Karg has since returned to Newburyport for seasonal visits to the salon, where he mentors stylists and meets with clients. The visits are slotted amidst a tightly packed schedule that includes stints across the globe—and help set Interlocks apart from other area salons by attracting clients who want to specifically see Karg, as well as expanding Interlocks’s own clientele as a result.

And it’s those dry cuts—or as Karg calls it, DryHairCutting—in addition to his line of branded shears, educational materials, and other products (including the recent launch of a styling creme, KARG Perfect), that set Karg himself apart in the fiercely competitive, $200 billion beauty industry.

“The only difference between a dry cut and a wet cut is water,” Karg says, adding that he was initially trained in the Sassoon method, which utilizes a precision-cutting technique. “We wear our hair dry, not wet, so when you cut the hair when it’s dry, you get the most precise, and in my opinion, perfect haircut you’ll ever receive.” Karg also relies upon his proprietary line of shears (which are designed to cut smaller sections of hair as well as remove weight in specific areas of the mane) and focuses on a client’s natural hair movement to gauge the direction of the haircut. He guarantees his cuts will grow out “exquisitely,” with touchups needed only every eight weeks.

Mike Karg, Celebrity Hair Stylist, Interlocks Salon & Day Spa

Karg’s eponymous products

As for his continued pursuit of excellence and expansion of his empire, Karg’s philosophy is simple. “Everything I’ve created, I’ve created out of a need. I can take a product and make it better,” he says. “I can also work with a stylist, and help make [him or her] better, too.”

Mike Karg will return to Interlocks in September, with dates to be announced. Clients and prospective clients are encouraged to check in with the salon to confirm available appointment times. For more information about Mike Karg, visit To contact Interlocks, visit

Top 5:   Mike Karg’s Tips for Unflappable Summer Hair

1. Create a DIY leave-in treatment by combining your conditioner with water in a spray bottle. Shake until diluted, then spritz on freshly-washed hair.
2. Protect color-treated tresses by donning a swim cap before entering chlorinated water (be sure to wet your hair before placing the cap to prevent damage).
3. Resuscitate lifeless locks with a deep-conditioning hair mask. Aim to apply once every other week.
4. Accessorize with a flower (real or faux) tucked behind the ear or into a chignon for a look that’s fresh and elegant. Use a bobby pin to secure the stem.
5. Craving a change that’s easy to maintain? Try bangs. They’re versatile, plus they grow out easily.