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David Ortiz yesterday announced the launch of a new cannabis line, Papi Cannabis, in collaboration with Massachusetts-based Rev Brands. Big Papi, who was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this month, has put his name behind a curated line of pre-rolled blunts available at all three Revolutionary Clinics in Cambridge and Somerville, among other recreational dispensaries in the state.

Ortiz says he aims to share the benefits he’s found through cannabis with his fans, emphasizing both the mental and physical healing aspects he’s seen, like better sleep, stress management, and pain relief.

“I’m a huge believer in medical cannabis and the power of healing,” says Ortiz. “I retired six years ago and cannabis has been amazing for me, for my pain relief, my stress.”

The first product in the Papi Cannabis line, “Sweet Sluggers,” hit the shelves at Rev Clinics this month. The pre-rolled blunts are filled with strains selected by Ortiz himself, like Lava Cake #7, Motorbreath #15, Black Mamba #7, and Bootylicious #4. Rolled in non-tobacco wrappers of tea leaves and hemp, the strains are high in THC and aromatic terpenes.

Later this summer, Ortiz plans to release another pre-rolled blunt product, this time infused with hash oil, which increases potency and widens the cannabinoid spectrum. In the coming months, the collaboration will also include a vape cartridge, a chocolate edible with free-trade Dominican Republic chocolate, and a “healing salve.” Ortiz also plans to release some products made in the Dominican Republic, like a one-hitter cannabis pipe made of hand-carved Guayacan wood.

Ortiz incorporated artwork by his daughter Alexandra on the “Sweet Sluggers” packaging—her illustrations of her father are featured on the blunts’ boxes.

“In my case, I was a guy who used to go through a lot of pain—I retired because the pain was crazy,” says Ortiz, noting that the combination of pain and stress he was experiencing prompted a friend of his to suggest cannabis. 

“My focus, the way I deal with people, my kids, everybody, it’s different—it’s more chilled,” says Ortiz. 

Ortiz explained his decision to partner with Massachusetts-based Rev Brands for the line, citing his focus on “quality, not quantity,” and the brand’s attention to detail at every step of the development process.

“Before we started growing, they wanted to know what my feelings are, what I’m looking for,” says Ortiz. 

“David was extremely involved in the development process and selected some of his favorite strains,” says Tom Schneider, chief marketing officer of Revolutionary Clinics, in a statement. “It’s been incredible to learn about David’s cannabis journey and the benefits he’s experienced far beyond just recreational use.”

As an athlete, Ortiz says that cannabis helps him not in performance but in pain relief. “I think a lot of guys out there know what I’m talking about,” says Ortiz. “I think a lot of athletes do what I did and it’s normal.”

Papi Cannabis will be available at Rev Clinics and select Massachusetts dispensaries beginning this month. For more information, visit