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The expression “the grass is always greener” exists for a reason, and while I’m confident the origin of the phrase was not referring to seeing somebody rocking beachy summer waves in their hair, I am envious anytime I see someone sporting seemingly effortless beach waves. While most anyone can create textured hair waves with the help of a specialized curling iron or rod, the look only lasts until your next shower or swim in the pool. Enter the Eufora Flash Wave service at Essencia Spa & Salon in Amesbury, which provides textured, undone, wavy hair all summer long. 

After owner Marie Santos and stylist Gina LaFlamme walked me through the flash wave process, it was hard not to take a seat in the chair and have this service done on myself. As someone with straight hair, the thought of having temporary waves was more than appealing, especially during summer.

This natural looking wave is made possible by applying a solution to the hair that goes on much like a perm, but with drastically different results. The Eufora AloePlex Flash Wave is specifically designed to create natural looking waves while limiting the potential for breakage, damage and frizz. It works on a multitude of hair types, the one major exception being people with true natural curls, but LaFlamme emphasizes that everyone’s hair texture is different and “it really depends on the curl of the hair.” 


Courtesy of Essencia Spa & Salon


For the most part, medium texture hair that is naturally straight is ideal for this treatment. The process begins by wrapping individual sections of hair around various sized rods. The “ends of hair are left untouched to create the beachy look that clients desire, rather than corkscrew curls” says LaFlamme.

After hair is wrapped, the Eufora solution is applied. LaFlamme takes care of the timing and how long the solution will set. She likes to use a leave in curl enhancer (she’s partial to Deva Curl products) and seats clients under the heated dryer to achieve extra body and texture. Following the service, clients are told not to wash their hair for 48 hours. 


Courtesy of Essencia Spa & Salon


For at home styling, LaFlamme says put down the brush and instead “think of your hands as a tool.” She recommends scrunching up hair to enhance waves or “pinching and clipping” pieces on top of the head for added volume while getting ready. Simply remove the clips before heading out the door.

While beach waves are what clients want, the true beauty of this process is that it provides lasting results. When cared for properly, the flash wave service typically lasts between three and six months. Want a day of straight hair? Hair can still be blown out during this time, although LaFlamme points out that straightening hair will shorten the overall lifespan of the waves. So bring your own waves to the beach this summer. Just make an appointment at Essencia first.