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In today’s world, so much is readily and easily accessible for us, and options for eyewear are no exception. With everyone from online retailers to chain and franchise shops selling prescription eyewear, you don’t have to look far to find somewhere to purchase glasses. But this is one case where the appearance of all things being equal is deceiving, which is why it is so refreshing that Eyephoria Optical (with locations in Beverly and in Wells, Maine) is proudly showing locals what separating yourself from the crowd really looks like. Owned and operated by proprietors Laird and Leonor Duncan, Eyephoria is run by a husband and wife team that takes pride in cultivating a collection of eyewear that is all at once chic, unique, comfortable, and of the highest quality. “Combining cutting-edge lens technology with the latest in fashion and eyewear trends is what allows our patients to get the most out of their purchase,” explains Laird, himself a licensed optician. Beyond helping you choose the shape, color, and design of your frames, all of which are critically important, Eyephoria services all optical needs, offering comprehensive eye exams on state-of-the-art ophthalmic equipment and consults with an onboard physician. Having its customers seeing clearly and looking great might seem like obvious goals for an eyewear shop, but once you learn about all the decisions involved in selecting a pair of glasses—from comfort, durability, and technology to the various types of lenses and more—it becomes easy to see how much work goes into achieving this seemingly simple goal. Take, for instance, Eyephoria’s overall philosophy. “We want to elevate the necessity of eyewear and make selecting eyeglasses something exciting,” explains Leonor. Eyephoria’s mission is to help each customer select the frame and lenses “best suited to their individual features, personal style, and lifestyle,” she says. One of their “guiding principles is to get people excited about their eyewear. Eyephoria makes a point of carrying brands customers won’t find in every other store. They have long-standing relationships with designers and love discovering new trends. A few of their standout lines include Bellinger, Boz Eyewear, Leisure Society, and Piero Massaro, to name just a few. As Leonor explains, “Our patients are inadvertent ambassadors for Eyephoria because they look great in their frames and are routinely asked where they purchased their glasses.” While frames to choose from are in no short supply, Leonor says that “great eyewear deserves equally fabulous accoutrements, which is why Eyephoria also carries a collection of accessories including jewelry, watches, handbags, and wallets,” to help round out each customer’s distinctive style. Eyephoria allows you to be you—with better glasses. And it doesn’t require perfect vision to see the appeal in that.