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Located in the heart of downtown Newburyport is a new, chic women’s boutique that exudes a cool, casual vibe. This unique destination, Shine, is the creation of owner Erin Postl, a Newburyport resident who did not take lightly the task of opening a store in the little city in which she lives. 

Postl had long had in the back of her mind that she’d love to open her own shop someday, but she knew the location had to be just right. Being patient enough to wait for the perfect opportunity afforded her time to carefully consider the store’s concept and the kind of feeling she wanted to bring to life. 

When the space at 28 State Street became available, Postl knew it had the potential she was looking for. As she considered the store’s “point of view,” as she puts it, she knew “it had to be very clear and well thought out. I knew this space needed to have its own identity,” she says. Inspired by the location and the possibilities within it, Postl and her husband worked together to bring in lots of natural and earthy elements, like driftwood. New England’s changing seasons served as further inspiration, and before long Postl had settled on the uniquely modern, warm, and sustainable “Vermont cabin vibe” that eventually took shape. 

With Shine, Postl has managed to do the near impossible, which is to carry quality, in-demand merchandise at a reasonable price. Shoppers will find that many of the brands at Shine are sustainable, something that is important to Postl, who has devoted a lot of effort to stocking the store with unique, well-made pieces. The space is very much a reflection of the inventory, which is a combination of relaxed and fashionable women’s clothing. The shop carries pieces from Outerknown, Marine Layer, Goldie Lewinter, Grey State, Emerson Fry, Sanctuary, and Known Supply, among others. 

In many ways, Shine is a one-stop shop, no matter who or what you are shopping for. You can walk in and find a cool pair of jeans and top—and grab a coat to go with the outfit as easily as you can a dress for work or a special occasion. Shine is also a great place for gifts; expect to spend more than a few minutes perusing an incredible selection of handcrafted jewelry (from necklaces to earrings and more) made by woman-owned artisanal businesses. The shop also has the perfect “finishing touch” items, from gourmet chocolate bars to candles and crafted cocktail mixers. Shine is open every day, and you can be sure you will always feel welcome, thanks to the friendly and trend-savvy employees. The word is out with locals, and everyone can find Shine online.