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Owning something that is genuinely created for you is appealing but can be difficult to find. It is easier to see things you like and go through the familiar motions of clicking and purchasing, and having them show up on your doorstep a few days later. This is just one of the reasons why the concept put forth by O bag, an Italian retailer devoted to creating completely customizable handbags, watches, and accessories is so intriguing. 

Josephine Hoppe is the owner of the brand’s new location in downtown Newburyport as well as several sister shops in the region. Hoppe first fell in love with the brand while vacationing in Italy, and she became so passionate about it that she left a decades-long career in technology for a new venture with the brand. 

O bag introduces the concept of selecting a bag style you like and outfitting it according to your needs. Manufactured from pliable, hypo-allergenic EVA, the bags are lightweight, waterproof, and easy to clean. They are about as versatile as a bag can be, whether the intent is for use as a diaper bag or a high-end tote.

There’s an argument to be made that O bag is especially well suited to New England, where we fully experience all four seasons in a calendar year. Many women will identify with needing a beach bag for summer months, a satchel for fall and winter, and still another option for the spring when the weather begins to warm up again. An O bag allows one bag to serve as a base for all seasons, with interchangeable accessories that are easily reconfigured or swapped out for the need or occasion. Hoppe says, “An O bag can be transformed by simply changing its straps, liner, border, or accessories…the same classic tote with rope handles that you carted to the beach can later be ‘dressed up’ with a fur border and suede handles to create a distinctive evening bag.” 

While having a bag tailor-made to your preferences is fun all on its own, the entire experience of being in an O bag store, especially their bright, light-filled Newburyport location, is just as memorable. Physically being there with all of the color and fabric options before you really underscores what is missed by purchasing online. You can count on expert advice of an O bag team member, who will be pleased to help you mix and match options. O bag stores are also becoming increasingly popular destinations for group memory making; women are discovering the fun of this creative process. If you’re interested in the concept but doubt your own creativity, don’t; O bag stores have a wide array of sample and mock bags on display to inspire you. Whatever your personal preferences, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes, and your needs, for many years to come. 

O bag 

2 Market Square, Newburyport,