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It’s time to (literally) face the fact that eyebrows can completely transform your face. A well-groomed, well-designed set of brows that fit your face size and shape can highlight your features in all the best ways. Phrases like over plucked, too thin, too long, too short and unruly are common “brow don’ts” that we hear (and see!). Are you addicted to tweezing? Or are you sporting brows that are an unkempt mess? Either way, help is out there.

At Sundara Hair Studio and Skincare in Ipswich, brow guru Mary McCarthy loves achieving results for her clients. “Most people wouldn’t cut the hair on their head by themselves” and yet many are willing to take on the challenge of eyebrow shaping all on their own, says McCarthy. Plainly stated, eyebrows are hard to do and it is the job of professionals to determine the best shape and style for your face. While you may not notice it on yourself, “nobody has two eyebrows that are exactly the same” which is reason enough for me to leave this job to the experts. 

A perfectly proportioned set of brows is a “great confidence tool” and something that McCarthy sees borne out repeatedly in her clients. If you find yourself on the over plucked end of the spectrum, McCarthy says let your brows be. Grow them in for as long as you can stand it (which will realistically be several weeks) and then come in for a professional shaping. As tempting as it is, McCarthy cautions against plucking in between brow waxes, the reason being because this “can put the hair into two different life cycles” causing you to have re-growth in various stages. 

If you find yourself drawn to the bold brow trends that have dominated runways in recent years, McCarthy can customize the “heavy look” to your face in a way that makes sense. Not everyone is going to be able to pull off supermodel thick brows a la Cara Delevingne, but everyone can “find their own style within the trend” assures McCarthy. An initial brow consult at Sundara comes in at a very reasonable $22 and McCarthy suggests maintenance appointments every three weeks. If you are a healthy person, your hair will grow rather quickly so it makes sense to schedule regular shaping appointments to maintain the progress on your brows and keep up with new growth. 

Sundara offers a complete menu of waxing services but McCarthy admits eyebrows are her “favorite thing to work on”.  A typical brow client will receive a waxing, shaping and tweeze as well as recommendations on an as needed basis that might include an eyebrow pencil or education about brow tinting (which McCarthy often recommends for clients with fairer skin and features). Younger customers are welcome at Sundara, clients as young as 13 frequent the salon for everything from brow clean ups to subtle waxing and shaping. While women make up the majority of brow clients, many men could benefit from an understated clean up or shaping, so don’t be shy. Your best brows await you. Sundara is open Tuesdays through Saturdays.