Standing on Water with Leah Beth Goodman

Leah Beth Goodman































Leah Beth Goodman, co-owner and instructor, Sup East Coast Style


What’s great about stand-up paddleboarding

"Everyone can do it! You can make it as intense or easy as you want."


Where she teaches

"This year, our primary launching site will be the Salem Willows in Salem, specifically Willows Beach and Dogs Head Beach. And from those launching sites, we will explore mostly Beverly, Salem, and Marblehead waters."


How she got started

"I bought [boyfriend and co-founder] Christos [Douroudis] his very first board for a present, and he fell in love with the sport. [When] we would be out paddling together, we enjoyed teaching and sharing our love for the sport with others. A light went off in my head and I said, ‘Why don’t we get a few boards and [give] people private lessons?’… Before we knew it, we had so many seasonal businesses wanting to team up with us, and our small idea to spend more time with each other and make a little extra money on the side developed into a huge operation! [Our work] is super [gratifying] personally, professionally, and spiritually."


Necessary skills to be a good SUPer

"A love for the ocean, decent balance, and basic aerobic [fitness]."

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