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Boston’s creative community fueled up with an all-star event catering to the locale’s art enthusiasts. The monumental art show was hosted by local creative agency, 36creative, and the Blochaus Art Gallery for Boston Design Week. The show, appropriately entitled PUMP, was hosted at the W Hotel Boston on April 5.

More than 100 guests arrived to walk the red carpet of the ‘50s inspired vintage show. Immersed in the stylings of an age dedicated to glitz and glamour, guests enjoyed music and drinks while appreciating the work of artists Indie 184 and Makerjake. These artistic pieces were attractively interspersed with a collection of custom designed antiques.

Among the impressive collection of antiques was the shining glory: a vintage 1950’s gas pump generously loaned from Café Berlin Antiques. The gas pump made a bold statement from its place center-stage on the red carpet.


The Minds Behind the Scene

36 Creative is one of the Greater Boston area’s leading advertisement agencies. Their unique approach makes it immediately apparent they do not only think outside the box but work as though it does not exist at all. The company delivers a branding strategy focused on passion, and creative production; they are never afraid to break the mold. Since 2004 they have worked with both emerging brands and established ones.

Blochaus Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, based in Lawrence, that is a newcomer on the scene. They have quickly made a name for themselves. Since the gallery’s founding in 2015, they have been making waves in the national art scene by representing an array of bold artists from all over the world. Their mission is to inspire the community and represent young artists as well as designers. Blochaus proudly provides simple solutions for collections to have access to progressive art and events. The gallery has many big things planned for 2018.


The Featured Artists

Indie 184 is a native of New York who has been active in graffiti culture for more than fifteen years. Self-taught through determination, her work is most influenced by abstract and pop art. A fusion of colors and textures honors her graffiti roots and has been featured worldwide. Among those most notable include: El Museo del Barrio (New York City), Volklingen Ironworks Museum (Germany), South Bronx (New York), and Paris (France). Currently, Indie 184 is creating innovative designs for her urban streetwear brand Kweenz Destroy, and collaborating with MAC cosmetics, Marvel, and Netflix.

Makerjake is the moniker Jacob Ginga goes by. He uses objects and artifacts to serve as inspiration (as well as materials) for his pieces. The objects in his pictures don’t tell a story in themselves, but rather tell the story you give to them. Makerjake also did a live painting while partygoers gazed on. The painting was raffled off at the end of the night.


The Wrap Up

PUMP was an innovative event, bold yet classy. It was an unquestionable success in providing an opportunity for Boston’s art community to gather in one place. They arrived in the masses and enjoyed themselves immensely.