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A Boston-area team has created a new facemask to help folks stay safe while socializing. Your Social Mask allows you to eat and drink without ever taking off your mask.

Created by Jennifer and Bob McMahon, the mask answers the question of “How do I eat and drink in a mask?” as the state begins to reopen. The mask has a Velcro flap the fastens on the side, allowing you to simply open the flap for eating and drinking without having to completely take it off. You can also insert a straw in through the bottom of the mask, so you can have a social drink without potentially exposing others around you to the coronavirus. 

An experienced local team with a forward-thinking desire to help the restaurant, travel, entertainment, sporting, and event industries reopen more safely developed Your Social Mask. With a love for social interaction, the team was determined to create a product revolutionizing new social norms in the midst of this pandemic.

Jennifer and Bob began developed this mask when Jennifer, a hotel executive, started imagining scenarios for the reopening of restaurants. She got to thinking about what the future would look like for eating and drinking socially.

“We wanted to find a way for restaurants, bars, entertainment, and sporting events to re-open and for patrons to enjoy a sense of comfort, confidence, and community,” said Jennifer. “It’s all about respecting others and balancing community with commerce.”

The mask is also perfect for runners or bike riders, who can open the flap while they’re working out, and then close it as they approach other pedestrians to be respectful of others’ safety. 

A portion of net profits from the masks will be donated to two food-related charities, Restaurant Strong and World Central Kitchen. The masks are currently available at and are sold in packages of two for $30, plus shipping.

The mask is machine washable, made of three-ply fabric with a non-removable, antibacterial filter layer, and available in navy, black, and light blue. It also also has ear adjustment bands to allow for one size fits most. The mask is manufactured by local entrepreneur Adam Goldstein of Rafi Nova, located in Needham.