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Editors’ Choice 

David Nicholas International, Andover

Standout Qualities: A top-quality makeup artist with his own makeup line and the skills to teach others how to apply makeup.

Philosophy: Armed with the belief that makeup is a powerful tool for individuality and empowerment, David Nicholas strives to help every client be the best version of themselves. He doesn’t want to make the 65-year-old woman look 30, but he does want to make the 65-year- old woman look amazing.

What’s Unique: His passion for his craft—and it is a craft, (just check out his portfolio!).

Insider Tip: Appointment needed! Nicholas operates by appointment only, but is more than willing to work with clients on days and timing, just make sure you reach out in advance. 

Fun Fact: Need an eyebrow shaping? The in-studio brow bar is a must-visit.

18 Park St., Andover, 617-242-0177,


Readers’ Choice 

Rouge Cosmetics, Salem

Standout Qualities: Rouge is a chic beautique to find the lastest looks in makeup. The expert staff can steer you to the latest trends and colors and all things makeup!

322 Derby St., 978-740-1044,