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U.S. News and World Report has crunched the numbers for 2017, releasing its annual list of best high schools in the country, ranking the schools on national and state levels. In Massachusetts, Boston Latin School earned the title of the best high school in the state. Overall, the school ranked among the top 50 best high schools in the country (No. 42). Advanced Math and Science Academy ranked second best in the state, followed by Hopkinton High School.

And right here in the North Shore, Andover High was ranked No. 17 in the state (No. 424 in the country).

U.S. News assigned schools medals for college preparedness, based on graduation rates, and state test scores. Twenty-two high schools in Massachusetts were given gold medals, including Andover High, by U.S. News; 54 received silver medals; and 24 schools received bronze medals.

The top high 20 schools in Massachusetts are as follows:


1. Boston Latin School, Boston (National Rank: 42)

2. Advanced Math and Science Academy, Marlborough (National Rank: 98)

3. Hopkinton High School, Hopkinton (National Rank: 175)

4. Dover-Sherborn Regional High School, Dover-Sherborn (National Rank: 217)

5. Medfield Senior High School, Medfield (National Rank: 227)

6. Lexington High School, Lexington (National Rank: 264)

7. Belmont High School, Belmont (National Rank: 267)

8. Weston High School, Weston (National Rank: 270)

9. Cohasset Middle/High School, Cohasset (National Rank: 292)

10. Medway High School, Medway (National Rank: 293)

11. Bostin Latin Academy, Dorchester (National Rank: 343)

12. Arlington High, Arlington (National Rank: 358)

13. Boston Collegiate Charter School (National Rank: 375)

14. Needham High, Needham (National Rank: 379)

15. Newton South High, Newton Centre (National Rank: 405)

16. The Bromfield School, Harvard (National Rank: 411)

17. Andover High, Andover (National Rank: 424)

18. Duxbury High, Duxbury (National Rank: 425)

19. Westwood High, Westwood (National Rank: 431)

20. John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science, Roxbury (National Rank: 443)


To view the full list, click here.