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If you just came from working out and even if you didn’t, there’s a decent chance you’re wearing leggings right now. While the debate over whether or not this trend is acceptable attire for school drop off, a trip to the grocery store and everywhere in between rages on, I say there’s no reason you can’t be comfortable, fashionable and trendy while wearing workout gear.

It’s not a happy accident that stretchy tops and form fitting pants with give were tailor made for barre and yoga practice. It’s also what makes them so comfortable and why many women in their 20s, 30s and beyond are taking this look out of the studio and into the streets. From textured leggings to tops that are knotted, cropped and backless, there’s a whole lot of fashion happening while you sweat it out. 


Courtesy of The Yoga Loft


Suffice to say, exercise fashion has come a long way and while you can test out a multitude of online retailers, its often best to try different styles in person and see what works best for your body type.

Fans of Meraki in Newburyport love the shop for its devotion to the “athleisure lifestyle” movement. With everything from comfortable sweatshirts, tops and leggings to accessories (yes, you can definitely accessorize workout clothes) this shop keeps regulars coming back, well, on the regular. They stock many trending brands including shirts and sports bras with catchy sayings from Spiritual Gangster, hooded sweatshirts by Naketano, leggings from Electric & Rose, shirts by good hYOUman and many more. This shop also uses the #welivelikethis hashtag, creating an online community that reflects their lifestyle and philosophy. 


Nakatano Hoodie, Courtesy of Meraki


The Yoga Loft of Marblehead boats a retail shop where fitness enthusiasts can stock up on the latest styles. From yoga pants by Onzie to casual wear and yoga mats, their retail section has everything an aspiring yogi needs to look the part (even if you’re still fine tuning that downward dog).

The Lululemon at Market St Lynnfield is a great place to stop into if you’ve never tried out this famous brand in person. With so many styles, cuts and fits, an in person visit is well worth it.  The Pure Barre locations in Lynnfield and North Andover boast their own branded products, from barre socks to tops, accessories and more that are huge hits with their devoted clientele.

Barre and yoga are both very much about dialing into yourself, and an outfit from Yoga Sakti in Salem will ensure you stand out from the crowd. They carry their own branded items as well as a host of in demand brands stocked in limited quantity, greatly decreasing the chances you’ll unintentionally have an outfit twin in class.

These clothes are designed to let you sweat it out and still look great. How many of your other wardrobe items can say that?