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Congratulations! You’re engaged! And as any bride-to-be knows, there is a lot of planning to do. But in between the venue and the dress and the cake (and the music and the transportation and so much more), there is…you! With so much going on, making sure you look and feel your best can seem like a daunting task, which is why we consulted some of the North Shore’s most seasoned bridal professionals for their tips and tricks of the big-day trade.

6-9 months before the wedding:

Home hair care is so important. Begin using professional salon products at home to maintain the integrity of the color and cut long before the wedding day. – Philip Ciampa Salons

Consult with an aesthetician to establish a regular schedule for facials and skin care. Never start a new skin care routine or new skin care service too close to the big day. – Christine Scovotti, makeup artist, director of salon + spa operations, INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

Decide whether hair will be worn up or down. This will determine how much time hair will need to grow out. – Tanya Messina, master stylist + colorist, INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

Lashes, laser and injectables should start well in advance to avoid any adverse reactions. – Tanya Messina, master stylist + colorist, INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

Make regular exercise routine rather than something you do because you are trying to fit into a specific mold. Keep your body moving, drink lots of water, and eat real food. – WheelHouse Indoor Cycling Studio

3-6 months before:

Begin regular trims and conditioning treatments to get hair in the best pre-wedding shape possible. – Philip Ciampa Salons

Schedule a bridal hair trial four months before wedding day. A seasoned stylist will take into account the dress style and neckline. Season and climate are also important factors to consider. A summer wedding will typically call for hair to be worn up, as hot, humid temperatures can impact a bride’s hairstyle, while a winter wedding might include long hair worn down. – Philip Ciampa Salons

Schedule the hair and makeup trial for the same day. It’s always nice to see the total look! It’s very helpful to bring pictures that you like of makeup and hairstyles. – Robin Liebowitz, Makeup Artist, INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

Time management is huge, and there’s no need to waste time at a gym on a two-hour workout. Show up 100 percent for 45 minutes at a class and it will be plenty. Move your body in some way five times a week. Mixing cardio and weight training is a great way to balance yourself out and maximize results. – WheelHouse Indoor Cycling Studio

One month before:

Lash extensions are a must! They add elegance and there will be no mascara running down a bride’s face when she cries those happy tears. Lash extensions are also great for post-wedding when the bride is relaxing on her honeymoon with no makeup. – Christine Scovotti, Makeup Artist, Director of Salon + Spa Operations, INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

Book a facial for a month or so before so skin is smooth, hydrated, and glowing. This will help makeup go on perfectly! – Robin Liebowitz, Makeup Artist, INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

Schedule a trial spray tan for two to four weeks before the wedding. This allows time to play with the color and level if needed. – Pure Sol Organic Mobile Spray Tanning

Wedding Week:

Relaxation time is a must. A mani/pedi can be relaxing and should be done the day before to ensure shiny nails and beautiful cuticles. – Robin Liebowitz, Makeup Artist, INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

While ideal, relaxation is not always possible! In that case, a good night of sleep is always helpful. – Alisson McHale, Master Stylist, INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

Spray tans should be done one or two days before the big day. The tan will look natural while still providing the desired bridal glow. And don’t forget about the bridesmaids. We spray a lot of bridal parties and Pure Sol is mobile and will come to you! – Pure Sol Organic Mobile Spray Tanning

We love to host bridal groups and grooms are welcome, too. We had a groom and his groomsmen rent the studio the morning of the wedding to blow off a little steam. – WheelHouse Indoor Cycling Studio

Day of The Wedding:

Allow enough time for hair and makeup the day of. The bride and her party should all be ready 30 minutes before photos are taken to allow for any last-minute adjustments. Consider having a stylist on-site throughout the day for hair and makeup touch-ups as needed. – Philip Ciampa Salons

Build in a “buffer” so the bride can catch her breath and get ready without stress. – Alisson McHale, Master Stylist, INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa

A bride should make sure she has essentials to touch up with (think extra hairpins, hair spray, shine spray, lipstick, powder, and blush). – Christine Scovotti, Makeup Artist, Director of Salon + Spa Operations, INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa,,,