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For the person who has everything, Riese & Müller’s Delite eAdventure and The Load eCargo bikes will transform everyday transportation into an enjoyable adventure of luxury and performance. These German-manufactured eBikes offer beautiful design with unmatched technology. And as the only eBike company offering dual-battery technology, you can rest assured that Riese & Müller eBikes will get you where you need to go. 

eAdventure Bike – The Delite 

Liken the Delite to Tesla’s Model S. The Delite offers high performance and superior control. The simple yet attractive design and the mix of power and performance provide an experience like none other. The Delite offers:  

The Engine: The Bosch performance drive offers pedal assistance of up to 300% and speeds up to 25 km/h, transferring power to the road through its premier sensor technology. Whether you are biking through a flat city or up a steep hill, the Delite will take you there effortlessly. 

Maintenance-Free: The absence of complex parts and the concealed hub gear make it nearly maintenance-free. Instinctively choose the right gear with the easy-to-twist handlebar gear shifter. Without gear jumps, the reliability and comfort of the bike are enhanced. 

Impeccable Control: With precise German engineering, when the pavement ends, the control doesn’t. The self-contained full-suspension keeps ground contact on poor roads – and you safe and in full control, no matter your speed.

Long-lasting Battery Life:  From brunch to the countryside, the dual-battery technology will take you there. Using two well-balanced batteries in parallel to achieve a capacity of 100 Wh, the battery life is twice the range of anything currently available.

MSRP Range: $5,599.00 – $7,868.00


eCargo Bike – The Load 

Compare to Tesla’s Model X, the Load mixes sporty fun with room enough to carry children, dogs, groceries and anything needed. The Load offers:

Dual protected child seats: When the road gets bumpy, keep the kids safe and comfortable with the seatbelts and sidebars. 

Full Suspension: Ride in comfort, without disruptions from bumps in the road. The dual-suspension maintains ground contact on all road types, giving you more confidence and control. 

Dual Battery Technology: Riese & Müller is at the top of its class when it comes to riding range. The Load also gives you the option to use either one or both batteries, depending on your needs. 

Theft proof: The ABUS Protectus 5000 frame lock is built into the bike and offers a 9 mm thick locking clasp.

MSRP Range: $6,039.00 – $7,777.00