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For almost 20 years, Northshore magazine has celebrated our community by telling stories about our beautiful and dynamic region and the people who live and work here. We are a small family-owned and operated business that employs hundreds of independent journalists, editors, photographers, stylists, artists, and graphic designers to bring you the best of the North Shore in each issue. We also employ a local company to print our magazine. Let’s help keep them all going. 

Please support us in what we do best: promoting and reporting on small local businesses, restaurants, nonprofits, museums, theatres, concert halls, healthcare, recreation, the fishing industry, farms, the coastline, and so much more though our print, website, and social media channels. We have covered thousands of businesses and nonprofits that have benefitted greatly by the exposure they have received through the magazine.

As a lifelong resident of the North Shore, I love this region and have a passion for helping small business. We have an amazing team and want to ensure each and every one of them can continue to work to promote our community. By renewing your subscription, you can help us continue to report on the best of the North Shore and continue our goal of helping small business in our community that need our help more than ever. 

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A local company recently told us, “Thank you for the exposure! Once our story was published, we received six calls and booked four weddings at our venue immediately!”

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Rick Sedler
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