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2022 Instagrammable Top 10

1. The Pink House, Plum Island

Local lore is rich with stories about how this picturesque pink house came to stand by itself on the marsh in 1925. The real story of an ill-fated marriage is less salacious than the rumors, but this legendary house, vacant for 15 years, has a undeniable lonely beauty that has drawn many a passerby to pull over and capture the sight. 

2. Colby Farm Sunflowers, Newbury

Every summer, the fields at Colby Farm are carpeted in brilliant sunflowers that offer a joyous backdrop for family photos and social media selfies. Warning: The lines to enter can get long. 

3. Halibut Point, Rockport

Some of the best natural drama on the North Shore can be found at Halibut Point, where sheer granite walls plummet into a water-filled quarry. The artifacts of industry set against the natural beauty of the Cape Ann coast make for unique and stunning pics. 

4. Hammond Castle Museum, Gloucester

The pet project of eccentric—but highly successful—inventor John Hays Hammond, Jr., this medieval-style castle offers shots of romantic arches, ornate architectural details, distinctive gardens, and towering turrets. 

5. Ravenstone, Lynn

Part jewelry shop, part bookstore, part gift boutique, Ravenstone is a destination rich with visual character. Stocked with glittering gems, colorful textiles, and quirky décor, the shop offers the perfect chance to showcase your personal style. 

6. House of the Seven Gables, Salem

At the house made famous by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel of the same name, the titular roofline juts dramatically into the sky and makes it easy to imagine supernatural mystery. Perfect for illustrating the mix of history and spookiness that Salem offers. 

7. Beauport Hotel, Gloucester

Snap a shot of your poolside cocktail, the harbor views from your dinner table, or the sparkle of the newly renovated oyster bar. Beauport’s combination of New England tradition and modern luxury is virtually made for Instagram. 

Photograph by Elise Sinagra

8. The Newburyport Boardwalk, Newburyport

This riverfront boardwalk offers a great vantage point for capturing charming New England vignettes. Elegant boats sail the Merrimack River, sunsets cast warm colors over the scene, and historic homes and buildings surround the area. 

9. Motif #1, Rockport

You’ve certainly seen paintings or photos of this quaint red fishing shack, decked with colorful buoys. But go ahead and grab another shot for yourself—it’s a classic shot for a reason. 

Photograph by Doug Levy

10. The Cabot Lodge, Beverly

The curated style of this boutique hotel in downtown Beverly offers fantastic fodder for posts and stories. Make sure to snag a selfie in front of the bold floral mural on the exterior wall by the front door. 

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