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We recently invited people to share the best advice their mom has ever given them. The responses were great (and numerous). As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend and honor mother’s who are with us now, who have passed, and those who soon will be, we thought we would share some of the words of wisdom with you. Have a great day!

June D. Flood: Whether it be making a cake, constructing a project or living a purposeful life, the best advice my mother has given would have to be, “Read and follow the directions”. Not always easy but worthwhile when put to practice.

Judy Lu Lacey: “Just be happy”

Rosie Pietal: My mother always reminded me that everyone is equal. Regardless of wealth, skin color or gender!

Chrisse Santos: Use your head, its there for a reason!

Renee Gannon: When someone makes you mad or upset, don’t retaliate, just kill ’em with kindness!

Rose Fisher: Be patient

Gilliane Melvin: Life is 10% of what happens to you, 90% on how you react to it. Having a positive attitude will always be beneficial no matter the situation is.

Elizabeth Carey: My mom loves John Lennon, so “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”

Tim True: Do your homework

Martha Nazzaro: “When life gets tough – and it will many times – you must always be brave”.

Meg Erickson: Stand up straight and walk on the sunny side of the street!

Di Meade Hoffman: Treat everyone as you want to be treated, Everyone deserves it and you will reap the rewards.

Mikki L. Wilson: “Watch what you say to people, especially those you love, because you never know if those will be the last words they ever hear.”

Christine Cronin: To stay healthy, and respect and trust myself and not follow blindly because someone said “it’s the thing to do”. She is right, healthy and still giving great advice at 83!

Suzanne Marie DeWitt: “Life isn’t fair.” Her words didn’t make me happy at the time, but now I’m realizing how gentle teaching about this fact could help us all accept difficulty as it happens.

Margaret Henry: No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes but it is always necessary to do three things when one occurs…apologize, correct the situation as best you can and make adjustments, as to never repeat the same mistake twice.