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Mayor Kirk & Lt. Governor Timothy Murray cutting the ribbon to the new Gloucester Harborwalk

With the harbor speaking for itself behind Mayor Carolyn Kirk yesterday afternoon, the people responsible for the now-opened Gloucester Harborwalk were introduced one by one. The message was clear: Gloucester’s port has a rich history-one that deserves memorialization and regular appreciation.

Towards that end, the idea and its development for a major waterfront project got underway with a preliminary “Imaginary Walk” over three years ago. With a grant secured by Lt. Governor Timothy Murray, the walk’s potential was explored. Three areas of focus were decided on: the fishing industry, the visitor-based industry, and the maritime economy. Gloucester’s Harborwalk aimed to maximize the use of five deep-water ports and some smaller ports. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, “downtown/waterfront connections” were to be strengthened.

State Representative Ferannte spoke of the artistic and waterfront communities’ as the “economic drivers” responsible for promoting the project, as well as the city of Gloucester, and declared the entire endeavor as indicative of a time for massive renovation. Following her words were “technology moments” shared by the Mayor in the form of a recording of eider ducks; the 2.5mile waterfront walking tour is enhanced with an audio component featuring sounds and stories of the historic harbor.