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Launched in 2011, the Andover-based company, SNAP Infusion, has reinvented performance snack foods.

When talking about a healthy lifestyle, candy typically isn’t in the same sentence. Instead, think wheat grass shots, cleanses, and potential taste bud sacrifices. To that, Eric and Andrea Stoll raised an eyebrow and wondered, “Why do people sacrifice flavor for function?” With that question, Snap Infusion® was created and the healthy snacking alternative SUPERCANDY® was born.

We caught up with owners Eric and Andrea to find out how their SUPERCANDY® can help one physically and mentally and where you can find the power snack on the North Shore. With a description of “Nike meets Willy Wonka,” who wouldn’t want to try this flavor-filled snack.

What are your products and how does each function with our bodies? Our products include caramels, fruit-full tarts, multi-berry beans and gummies, and citrus gum. Each product was built to work with your body’s natural ability to perform. B-vitamins combined with natural sugars for energy, key electrolytes to balance hydration, and antioxidants to for immunity protection.

What made you decide on these five types of SUPERCANDY and what they do? We chose something for everyone. We chose some by what we love internally and some by what active consumer have come to believe in.

We have to ask, which SUPERCANDY® is your favorite? I’m a Tart and Andrea is most likely a Gummy.

Where can consumers find your candy? Whole Foods, Vitamin World, City Sports, Walgreens, Duane Reade, The Home Depot, Shaws, Wegmans

You have big names attached to your brand, US Ski Team and Spartan Race being two of them. How did these relationships come about? My sister and I grew up competitive skiers at Stratton Vermont. In fact, Caryn was on the US ski team. I was actually the youngest freestyle skier to compete when the sport was still getting started. Both US Ski Team and Spartan race approached SNAP. They tried the product and loved it and wanted us to be a sponsor. For us, it made sense. In the end it is all about being an active lifestyle brand. Both are both perfect demographics for us and badges of nutrition and performance.  And fun.

What is a SUPERHERO and how can someone become one? You become a superhero by doing something powerful in your community, excelling at inspiring others and just getting up and staying active. Our super hero’s range from professional athletes to local team leaders.

What future relationships can we expect? You’ll have to wait and see but hockey is pretty cool around these part.

For more information and to get your hands on this super candy, head to