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Bewitching Shop in Salem

We’ve all been inside a beautifully decorated home that somehow feels cold and unwelcoming, despite the picture-perfect décor. Instead of e...


What's New on the North Shore?

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Must-See Spots in Florence, Italy

If you have not traveled to Florence—a city in central Italy imbued with medieval architecture and Renaissance art juxtaposed against 21st-century cuisine and ...

Haunted Restaurants of New England

With many historic buildings dotting the region, it’s no surprise that the North Shore has its share of ghost stories. But when the Food Network recently sough...

Wineries North of Boston

Thoughts of a trip to Massachusetts’s North Shore don’t immediately conjure images of viticulture—that is, vines laden with grapes strung across trellises, str...

Beautiful Lodge Design North of Boston

How much time do North Shore parents spend pulling their school-aged children away from cellphones and tablets? Not that anyone is keeping count, but it’s a lo...

Encore Boston Harbor and the Environment

There was a time when many in Everett didn’t know that this city of 45,000 had a shoreline, even though 10 shipyards lined the river once; mills sprang up to p...