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Doors Wide Open for the Fall Cape Ann Artisans Tour October 9-10

Art Making & Appreciation is Stronger than Ever

"It is always wonderful to visit with the Cape Ann artists in their studios where it is possible to talk with them about their work and revel in their creativity!"
June 2021 visitor

The Cape Ann Artisans will host the 38th Annual Fall Tour for two days, Saturday and Sunday, October 9 & 10th.   This will be the third time that the Artisans have hosted the community and visitors in 2021 and each time the artisans have experienced a strong return to experiencing the arts in person.   The tour is self-guided and includes 14 unique studios and 15 Artisans covering a wide range of media including ceramic arts, painting, jewelry, mixed media, quilting, mosaics, weaving, and more!   For those new to the tour, the two-day period allows plenty of time to visit all or a selection of the studios, but an early start is always recommended to fully enjoy the day and take a break mid-day for lunch.

The Artisans are always cooking up something new to show as over half of the visitors are “regulars” returning to the tour from previous years.   In fact, there’s always a spirit of comradery in the studio that makes everyone feel like they are at home.  Several artists have reported what’s in store!

Pam Stratton shares, “One of the fun things I did over the summer was to take a 3 day class in Truro at Castle Hill Center for Arts with Dietlind Vander Schaaf on creating layers and translucency with encaustic wax. At home I have a family of crows that I feed so one of them found their way into my encaustic work. My intention is to weave mosaic and encaustic Art together.”  Rob Diebboll has a collection of new oil paintings from the spring and summer with themes of meditation and joy at the beach. The out-of-the-way beaches of Cape Ann continue to inspire Rob’s portrayals of figures, and dogs, in nature.  Cynthia Curtis is overjoyed at the turnout for the Spring and Summer tours and her classes, “It was clear to me that playing with clay has never been more therapeutic for all of us.  I am so grateful for the community of wonderful students and teachers who make beautiful pots here.”   She is also inspired by the interest in her Sea Fossil pieces.  Up close, one can see the very fine detail. Step back and the pieces look like an ancient map.  Cynthia quips that it started as a happy accident, “I certainly did not wake up one morning and think ‘I’ll start a new line of Sea Fossil pieces.  That’s how it goes with pottery. Expect the unexpected.”  Finally, Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco reports that thanks to the advent of “Covid Hair” hair accessories have taken center stage in her collection.   “I began designing exclusively to re-introduce hair jewelry 17 years ago, and this year, most unexpectedly women have re-discovered the joy of long hair!”

To get a taste of the tour, art lovers are encouraged to watch the newly produced video that features one-minute cameos with each of the artisans.   It can be found on the website, Facebook page, and YouTube.  Visitors are encouraged to pick up a Cape Ann Chamber Map and align it with the Cape Ann Artisans brochure to follow the tour route.  The Artisans are listed below and in the brochure in an order that follows the geography of Gloucester and Rockport but visitors can start anywhere they choose.

  1. Jacqueline Ganim DeFalco – Sea Glass Jeweler
  2. Deb Gonet – Painting - Mixed Media
  3. David Archibald – Ceramic Arts – Porcelain & Stoneware
  4. Linda Hogan – Quilter
  5. Sara Wright – Fiber Arts- Handwoven & Knit Accessories
  6. Cynthia Curtis – Ceramic Arts – Stoneware
  7. Pam Stratton – Mosaics
  8. Twin Lights Studio| Scott Place and Erin O'Sullivan – Ceramic Arts
  9. Deb Schradieck – Painting–Oil & Watercolor
  10. Rob Diebboll – Painting – Oil & Watercolors
  11. Sallie Strand – Painting- Abstract
  12. Sinikka Nogelo – Painting & Sculpture– Experimental Arts
  13. Chloe Leigh – Fine Jeweler
  14. Marcie Rae – Fine Jeweler

The 2021 Brochure is available at all the major tourism outlets including the Cape Ann Chamber, and North of Boston CVB locations.   The Artisans have been assigned a Magenta Flag on the Chamber’s Cape Ann Tourism Map. Please seek out the Chamber map when picking up the CAA brochure as they will be used in concert.   An electronic map of just the CAA Tour is also downloadable from Cape Ann Artisans.

The Cape Ann Artisans honor all Covid safety precautions and will comply with State of Massachusetts regulations:  wearing of masks indoors, use of hand sanitizer and social distancing are encouraged to ensure a safe visit.

What:  The 38th Annual Cape Ann Artisans Open Studios

Where: Gloucester and Rockport, MA.

When: Saturday and Sunday October 9-10th  10AM-5PM Daily

Contact: or leave a message with Cynthia Curtis 978-546-6186