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This spring, make a concise list of wardrobe musts that’ll help you break free from your style rut.

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings-and a break from personal style ruts. As you embark on your spring closet cleanout, think about how you arrived where you are. How did you end up with eight pairs of black pants? Why do many of your tops from last spring look ragged already? Now is a great time to break out of old style habits that are holding you back.

Start with a break from impulse purchases and make yourself a targeted list. Start a new habit of including at least one “investment piece” on that list each season: a trench coat, classic shoes, a great bag. This is the best way to build a compelling and flexible wardrobe with fewer pieces and more outfits. Our style habits start with our closet. No comfortable flats? You will end up back in your white sneakers! Give yourself a break this spring: Fill your closet with items that support your new look, and see how easy it is to dress.  -Aricia Symes-Elmer

Bag it up. We’ve all heard that “shoes and bags make the outfit,” and it’s true. A great bag instantly elevates your entire look, so pick a beauty and give yourself permission to spend a bit more. It will be there for you season after season.  This neutral cross-body bag pairs with everything and fits the trend as bags become smaller.  Heather Hawkins Cross-body Crackle Bag, $219, Sole Amour

Skip the sneakers. Instead, purchase a pair of functional yet beautiful flats. This pair is made for comfort, and the color and style will work with most any look, from denim to a sweet spring skirt. French Sole FS/NY Gunmetal Flat, $129.95, The Collection

Find your fit. Break the habit of compromising on fit. Stop buying pieces that “almost” fit,  and wait for a piece that flatters your figure. A tailor is the surest route to a great fit. And remember: most anything can be tailored- even this trench. Hem it to the perfect length and enjoy the compliments! Bebe Golden Trench Coat, $90, The Golden Hanger

Add some color. Color is back on trend this year; if you prefer neutrals, take a simple step by trying jewelry with a hint of color. This necklace plays off the colors in the top but would look smashing with jeans and a white tee, too. Horn Necklace, $10, Glitterati

Think prints! Start by finding a print that you instinctively love.  This long-sleeve tunic is a beautiful choice for early spring; it works perfectly with denim, a skirt, or even shorts as the weather shifts. Pick colors already in the print to create the rest of your outfit, and keep it simple-let the print do the work. Lilly Pulitzer “Boston” top in crown jewels print, $158, Amy Williams