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The Cape Ann Artisans Fall Tour will be held over the Columbus Day weekend, October 6-8.  All studios are open 10AM-5PM for three days.  This also creates a wonderful synergy with American Craft Week which is held nationwide from October 5-14th. Earlier this year, Gloucester and Cape Ann received the coveted title of Top Ten destinations for Craft Lovers by American Craft Week.

After a busy Cape Ann Summer, the artists are preparing new works and refreshing their collections for the Fall Tour.  The feedback the Artisans receive from visitors inspire them to continue this fabulous open studios tradition.

We try to come each season because we always find something new that enriches our lives or our home, said a recent visitor in a survey.

In 2018, CAA welcomed a new member, Andy Matlow.   Andy studied art at Goddard College and Syracuse University. From the late 70’s through the late 90’s he painted public and private murals, many of them in the trompe l’oeil (or trick of the eye) style. From 1999 to 2016, he and his wife designed and built new, energy sustainable homes that looked as if they were over 100 years old.  In 2014, Andy began working with clay for the first time since college.  He had forgotten how much he loved the medium and has been doing it ever since.  Andy and his wife moved to Gloucester two years ago and work together daily in his studio.  With regard to his creative palate Andy describes it in this way,

I like to bring in the element of fooling the eye we achieved in painting and houses.  I use the trompe l’oeil technique in my cairns as well as replicas of ancient vessels.   I am also fascinated by symbols such as hieroglyphics, Celtic, and hobo signs.  But Curiosity is my primary inspiration and I welcome mistakes as they keep me open to the unexpected.”

Many artists have reported new and exciting directions and experiences.  See the “From the Studio” under the “News” section of the Cape Ann Artisans website to hear more from artists who have recently posted updates.

There’s nothing like seeing the artists and their spaces in the intimate studio settings.  To make it easier for some who might like to leave the car at home or the train station,  CAA continues its partnership with Cape Ann Plug-In Tours which will provide a 14 passenger bus alternative to meet tour-goers and navigate the neighborhoods of Gloucester and Rockport.  In total, there are three bus tours – Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning in order to cover all the studios in two days.

“I had so much fun on Saturday on the tour in Rockport that I called Kimberly on Sunday to join the one in Gloucester. She went out of her way to pick me up in Rockport and the second tour was even better. Gorgeous studios, striking ocean views and artists showing us their work made our morning so much fun. Kimberly made us all feel like good friends getting together,” a Plug-In Tour visitor in Spring 2018.

Enjoy 20 studios and 23 Artisans in the upcoming 35thAnniversary Fall Tour.  The 2018 Artisans are:

  1. David Archibald
  2. Cynthia Curtis
  3. Rob Diebboll
  4. Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco
  5. Deborah Gonet
  6. Elizabeth Harty
  7. Camilla MacFadyen
  8. Andy Matlow
  9. Anni Melançon
  10. Sinikka Nogelo
  11. Bond Street Studio: Terry DelPercio-Piemonte & David Piemonte
  12. Marcie Rae
  13. Margaret Rack
  14. Mi Robertson
  15. Pam Stratton
  16. Bart Stuyf *
  17. Twin Lights Studio: Erin O’Sullivan & Scott Place
  18. Beth Williams
  19. Ruth Worrall*
  20. Judith Wright
  21. Sara Wright

*Note this is one location